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Blue Poppy Stems 1
Blue Poppy Stems 2
Black & White Poppies 1
Black & White Poppies 2
Black & White Poppies 3
Asian Orchid 1
Asian Orchid 2
Red Poppies 1A
Red Poppy Panel 1A
Red Poppy Panel 2A
Modern Poppies 1A
Modern Poppies 2A
Large Poppies 1B
Large Poppies 2B
PB Sunflower Square 1D
PB Sunflower Square 2D
PB Sunflower Square 3D
PB Sunflower Square 4D
Le Fleures Sell 'Sheet
Fire Poppies
Tulips A
Tulips B
Tulips 1
Tulips 2
Poppies On Turquoise
Poppy Pair
Poppy Stem 1
Poppy Stem 2
Poppy Stem Landscape
PB Poppy 1A
PB Poppy 2A
Plum Poppies A
Plum Poppies 2A
Bright Plum Poppies
Bright Plum Poppies 2
Plum Poppies NV 1
Plum Poppies NV 4
Red Flower 1B
Red Flower 2B
Red Flower
Sunflower Charger
Sunflower 1
Sunflower 2
Poppies 224
Rachel Poppies
Red W/White Poppies 36x24
Retro Poppies 1
Retro Poppies 2
Retro Poppies Wall Art
Poppy Spice Sell Sheet
Sunflower Sell Sheet
Turquoise Poppy Square 1
Turquoise Poppy Square 2
Turquoise Poppy Landscape
Turquoise Poppy 1
Turquoise Poppy 2
Red Flower 2
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"Orchid Series on  Aqua Background"

"Succulent Garden"

"Spring Symphony in White I, II, and III"
Acrylic on Canvas 14"x14" ea
"Falling Blossoms in Red Mist"
Oil on Canvas
"Red Poppies"
Oil on Canvas 24"x 24"

"Red Bamboo" Oil on Canvas

"Papyrus and Pampas Grasses"

"Two Tulips"
Oil on Canvas
"Falling Cherry Blossoms I, II, and III"
"Sakura" Series
24"x24"  acrylic on birchwood Panels

"Falling Cherry Blossoms IV"
"Sakura" Series
  acrylic on birchwood Panel

"Three White Tulips"
24"x24"  acrylic on birchwood

"Lilies Modern Collage I"
24"x24"  EnamelOn Cobblestone Tiles (various sizes)

"Agapanthus Squares I and II"
12"x12"  enamel on stone

16"x24"  acrylic on birchwood with crackle

"Orchid Tree Branches I and II"
Enamel on Slate
"Three Poppies"
Oil on Leather
"Bamboo Fog"

"Contemporary Orchids II"

"Hosta Leaves"
Acrylic on panel
"Falling Blossoms"
Oil on Canvas
"River Series Palm and Papyrus"
Textured Panels
"Tropical Fruits and Flowers"
Enamel on Stone Panel
"Three Poppies with Olive Border"
Acrylic on Canvas
"Cala Lilies"
Enamel on Black Ceramic
."Seasons" Birch Tree Series, Spring and Winter
text.Assorted Orchids over Gold and Silver Leaf

tWater Irises

tCitrine Orchids

Textured Poppies

"Poppy Damask" combines two commercial winners: Red Gorgeous Poppies with a Baroque Damask Scroll painted in beautiful rich spice and earth colors.
"Water Garden on Metallic Leaf" includes both "Orange Day Lilies" and "Pink Lotus". The dramatic metal leaf background has been a huge success for us this past year with  buyers looking for a new glamour look. The water flowers bring a Sense of Asian Serenity to the excitement of the firy metallic background. The metallics capture the essense of water reflecting the sun's light. Orange and yellows promise to be the hot colors for 2008.
"Warm Poppies" Asian Geometric undertones with the Universally Loved Warm Sprice tones and hot Yellows create a vibrant collection.
Tuscan View
Blue Vase-Red Poppies
Blue Vase-White Poppies